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What Is A Cashew Apple: Health Benefits of Cashew Apple

What Is A Cashew Apple? Though you may be aware with the popular cashew nut, there is another aspect of the tree worth noting: its fruit. Cashew fruits, sometimes known as “apples,” have a bright, pear-like skin and a fleshy inside.

They come from the evergreen cashew tree, Anacardium occidentale. There’s a lot to learn about this Brazilian native fruit, including its culinary uses and potential health advantages.

What Is A Cashew Apple?

What is cashew Apple? Cashews are known by several names around the world, including caj, alcayoiba, anacardo, cajuil, Indian nut, maraón, pepa, and merey. Cashew nuts are the most popular portion of the tree, despite the fact that they are technically seeds.

They are loved for their creamy texture, high fat content, and nutrient-rich profile. Despite the nuts’ dietary accolades, their apples (or faux fruits) are largely overlooked. The cashew apple, or the plump portion of the cashew fruit that connects to the cashew nut, resembles a miniature oval-shaped boxing glove.

Cashew apples are considered accessory fruits by botanists because they appear after cashew seeds have fully grown. The edible cashew nut is found at the end of the apple, and the true drupe or peduncle is the kidney-shaped shell encircling it.

Depending on culture, availability, and overall culinary heritage, cashew fruits and their ancestral health purposes have varied.

Cashew apples are commonly used in Latin America to make juice, wine, jams, salads, and other delectable delicacies .

Apple-inspired curry meals, vegetarian stir-fries, sweets, vinegar, and chutneys are just a few of the wonderful culinary inventions of these fruits in Asia.

What Does A Cashew Apple Taste Like?

The pectin-adhered, waxy skin of cashew apples is impregnated with a chemical oil called urushiol, giving them a rich astringent flavor.

Urushiol is found in all parts of the Anacardiaceae tree family (think sumac, mangoes, Peruvian peppers, pistachios, poison ivy, and yes, cashews), which is why cashews are never sold in their deadly shell and are frequently roasted at high temperatures to remove any leftover oil.

Although cashew apples are eaten whole and fresh in many cultures, steaming or boiling them in salted water for a few minutes helps lessen their fibrous character and harsh taste.

You can also use it to make preserves, jams, and other fruit-inspired sweets by simmering it directly. If you chance to be near a cashew tree (gloves in hand), use the fruit as soon as possible after it falls from the limb because it spoils quickly.

Nutritional Value Of Cashew Apple

Moisture86.3 g
Minerals8 g
Fiber3.2 g
Carbs11.1 g
Calcium10 mg
Phosphorus67 mg
Carotene23 ug
Iron2 mg
Vitamin C49 mg
Potassium124 mg

Amazing Benefits Of Cashew Apple

Amazing Benefits Of Cashew Apple

Cashew Fruit Juice: A New, All-Natural Health Drink 

Cashew apples, on the other hand, were traditionally thrown to the ground to rot. They were assumed to be useless until their nutritional benefits were found, as they were primarily used as a ripeness indicator.

Cashew apple juice is now widely known for its antioxidant content, as well as its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. Cashew apple juice, which is tart and sweet, is thought to be the next coconut water or acai juice.

New health benefits of juice are being uncovered, with nutritionists praising its high vitamin C content and even claims that it aids in fat burning and boosts sexual performance.

Is Cashew Apple Good For Health?

That would be an unequivocal yes!

It has numerous health advantages and can help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Weight management/weight loss.
  • The formation of bones Tissue and organ development.
  • Muscle development Because it is low in cholesterol and natural sugars, it is also a diabetic-friendly fruit.

Health Benefits Of Cashew Apple Juice

It’s juice has a wide range of health benefits. Anyone, regardless of their health goals, can benefit from just one glass of wine each day. Here are some of the health benefits of cashew apple juice.

  • Weight loss

It aids in fat burning, making it an excellent weight-loss beverage.

  • Eye health

It’s juice is strong in lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which function as antioxidants and aid in vision improvement.

  • Gastrointestinal health

It helps to keep the stomach healthy.

  • Immunity booster

It has a significant amount of vitamin C, making it an effective immunity booster.

  • Anti-ageing

Anacardic acid, found in cashew apple extract, is an antioxidant that has been demonstrated to reduce age-related pigmentation.

  • Muscle development

It helps to keep muscles healthy. Men who drank juice during a high-intensity workout had better fat utilization, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

  • Anti-bacterial

It’s an immune booster with antibacterial characteristics that’s been shown to help with stomach ulcers and gastritis.

  • Cardiovascular health

It is heart-healthy because the magnesium compound in it is thought to aid in the reduction of high blood pressure.

  • Better cognition

It’s also thought to have neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing properties.

  • Helps relieve dysentery

Chronic dysentery can be cured with the juice derived from cashew apples.

  • Gut health

It also acts as a probiotic.

How Do You Make Cashew Apple Juice?

It’s not difficult to make cashew fruit juice!


  • 2 cashew apples/cashew fruits
  • 1-inch piece of ginger
  • 2 garlic cloves


In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

How To Open/Cut A Cashew Apple?

Cut away the flesh surrounding the cashew nut shell using a paring knife. Set the nut aside with caution to ensure that it remains intact.

This will keep you from consuming the shell’s toxic resin, which can cause blistering and burning if it comes into contact with your skin.

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Bite into the fruit like an apple or slice it into slices to enjoy. The fruit does not require peeling or removal of the core.

Note: Do not eat the raw nut because it must be treated extensively to become harmless.

How Do You Preserve Cashew Fruit Juice?

Cashew fruit juice is best consumed immediately after preparation, although it can be stored in the refrigerator for later use. Aloe Vera juice can also be employed as a preservative in juice, according to some recipes.

Cashew fruit juice benefits you whether you drink it straight from the jar or with natural preservatives like aloe Vera.

Where To Buy Cashew Apples?

“These are a lesser-known delight that can be difficult to come by in the United States,” adds Hultin. Fresh versions of these perishable, often bruised fruits are hard to get across in conventional supermarkets or health food stores. Some international food stores and online vendors, however, may sell the pulp frozen, dried, sweetened, or juiced.


Cashew apples are a South American fruit that has been connected to potential health benefits. While the cashew fruit has been around for millennia, further research is needed to prove its health benefits and possible applications. You’ll be in for a treat if you stumble across its syrupy-tasting pulp in the shape of cashew apple jam, preserve, or chutney!


The information on this site is provided solely for educational reasons and is not intended to replace medical treatment provided by a healthcare professional. Because each person’s needs are different, the reader should check with their doctor to see if the material is appropriate for them.


Q- Is it possible to lose weight by eating cashews?

A- Yes, weight loss is one of the health benefits of cashew apple juice. It aids in the burning of fat and the maintenance of gastric health.

Q- What is the purpose of cashew juice?

A- Cashew apple juice has several health advantages. It aids weight loss, is diabetic-friendly because to its low sugar content, is an excellent immunity booster, has been shown to reduce pigmentation and indications of aging, supports muscular health, functions as a probiotic, and even aids in the treatment of chronic dysentery.

Q- Is the cashew apple toxic?

A- Cashews and cashew apples are not harmful, however the toxic oil urushiol found in the shell around the cashew nut can cause itching, blisters, and rashes. However, this should not prevent you from having fun.

Q- Is it necessary to sweeten cashew apple juice?

A- You can add sugar if desired, but it is not required in our recipe. When you grind cashew apple juice with ginger and garlic according to our approach, you can reap the health benefits.

Q- Is there magnesium in cashew apples?

A- Yes. It’s high in magnesium, which is essential for the growth and development of bones, muscles, tissues, and organs. One of the most important health benefits of cashew apple juice is this.

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