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How to Create Positive Energy

How to Create Positive Energy- Anything bad, whether it’s a complaint or an argument, might sometimes have little impact on you. And, on occasion, even good criticism might overstate a situation. Have you ever thought about it?

No, it’s not the aftereffect of the movie you just saw or the shopping trip that didn’t go as planned. It’s all in your head.

And, if you follow the Ayurvedic path, it’s all just a game of energy in our bodies.

If our energy level is high as well as positive, we are joyful and relaxed. And if the energy within plummets, you’ll feel low.

The good news is that the energetic dance is only short, and we may easily increase tension. Meditation is an important part of this process. “Do you know any meditation for positive energy?” is a question that comes up frequently in chats. “How do we get rid of negative energy?”  The more we meditate on a regular basis, the more positive energy we create.

How To Create Positive Energy

Meditation is helpful on a variety of levels:

The Body Relaxes As A Result Of Meditation:

At the emotional and physiological levels, several changes occur. During meditation, metabolism slows down, giving the body’s different organs much-needed rest. The body is strengthened and rejuvenated as a result of this.

Has A Calming And Energizing Effect On The Mind:

Meditation is a form of mental hygiene, similar to empty mind. The mind’s impressions are wiped, allowing it to be free of undesirable emotional baggage.

Creates A Shift In Consciousness: 

Meditation helps to develop a sense of greater awareness. It causes a shift in consciousness, making you more cognizant of our shared humanity. It awakens you to the greatest truth: that we are all one.

Positive energy levels are increased by having a healthy body and a happy mind. As a result, daily meditation is strongly suggested. These online meditations are available for you to pick from.

Meditation raises an individual’s sattva level via increasing energy levels.

Ayurveda Ways For Positive Energy-

Every human, according to Ayurveda, has three gunas:

Rajo Guna:

It is the quality that is responsible for physical and mental activity. We can’t ‘act’ unless we have a specific amount of rajas.

Tamo Guna:

It is in charge of physical and mental rest. One cannot ‘sleep’ without a certain degree of tamas. When Tamas is out of balance, however, illusion, erroneous understanding, dullness, and other negative traits emerge.


Sattva refers to the characteristic of clarity, knowledge, and righteous action. We feel light, glad, pleasant, joyous, alert, awake, with better perceptions when sattva is dominant in our environment or in our bodies.

Why Positive Energy Important For Us-

Positive energyLack of positive energy
Being cheerful or happyTendency to complain constantly
Being grateful and appreciativeIndulging in self-blame &  blaming others
Keeping the self and others around happyChronic anxiety or worry
Being enthusiastic and energeticBeing fearful
Being canteredGet angry easily
Having better awarenessDepressing outlook
Being confidentHabitual procrastination

Improve Your Sattva Quotient Or Positive Energy

Eat Healthily:

The 3 gunas in us and their dominance are influenced by the food we eat. Foods like green vegetables as well as fresh fruits, for example, are light, easier to digest, and so sattvic. Sugary foods, such as sweets, as well as sour as well as spicy foods, such as pickles, produce rajasic effects. Tasic nature is produced by non-vegetarian foods, fried foods, and frozen items.

Take A Deep Breath:

It is common knowledge that oxygen provides 90% of human nutrition, with food and water accounting for the remaining 10%. Pranayama increase sattva levels by increasing lung capacity. Sudarshan Kriya, a strong breathing method taught in the Art of Living Happiness curriculum, unifies the body, breath, as well as mind as well.

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As your meditation progresses, your sattva level rises, and vice versa. Meditation is the most basic and effective technique.  

So the next moment you’re feeling down, simply pause. There’s really nothing that a few minutes of meditation can’t resolve.

When you made meditation a regular habit, the motivation to do it starts to fade. “Meditation for positive energy” or “meditation to clear negativity” will simply be renamed “meditation because I enjoy it.” And perhaps that is the most compelling explanation of all.


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