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Most Expensive Durian Fruit: World Smelly Fruit But Incredibly Nutritious

Most Expensive Durian Fruit is a one-of-a-kind tropical fruit. It is well-known in Southeast Asia, where it is known as “the king of fruits.” Durian is nutrient-dense, with more nutrients than most other fruits.

Its pungent odor, however, has earned it a poor reputation. This page will provide you with all of the information you require about durian.

What Is Most Expensive Durian Fruit?

It is a tropical fruit distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell. It has a pungent smell, custard-like flesh with large seeds.

There are several varieties, but the most common one is Durio zibethinus. The fruit’s flesh can range in color. It’s most commonly yellow or white, but can also be red or green.

It grows in tropical regions around the world, particularly in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The fruit can grow up to 1 foot (30 cm) long and 6 inches (15 cm) wide. A typical fruit has about 2 cups (486 grams) of edible pulp.

How Is It Used?

Most Expensive Durian Fruit is a fruit that may be used in both sweet and savory cuisines. The creamy meat and seeds are both edible, albeit the seeds must be boiled before eating.

The flavor is characterized as tasting like a combination of cheese, almonds, garlic, and caramel.

most smelly fruit

The following are some of the most common meal preparations:

  • Juice
  • Seeds, boiled or roasted
  • Soup
  • Candy, ice cream, and other desserts
  • Side dish

Most Expensive Durian Fruit is also utilized in traditional medicine and is being researched for its medicinal benefits.

One Of The Most Nutritious Fruits

In comparison to most other fruits, Most Expensive Durian Fruit has a high nutritional content.

One cup of pulp (243 grams) offers:

Vitamin C80% of DV
Thiamine61% of DV
Manganese39% of DV
Vitamin B638% of DV
Potassium30% of DV
Riboflavin29% of DV
Copper25% of DV
Folate22% of DV
Magnesium18% of DV
Niacin13% of DV

Most Expensive Durian Fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet because of its nutrient profile.

Anthocyanins, carotenoids, polyphenols, and flavonoids are among the beneficial plant chemicals found in it. Many of these have antioxidant properties.

Why Is The Most Expensive Durian Fruit Banned?

The unpleasant, horrible, and regrettably very powerful odor of this fruit is one of its distinguishing characteristics. This disagreeable odor, which smells like rotten eggs, is created by volatile Sulphur compounds that are regulated by methionine gamma lyases, which are abundant in the fruit.

It is prohibited in several airports and hotels due to its foul odor. There are also restrictions on long-distance movement and storage of this tropical fruit.

Most Expensive Durian Fruit Side Effects

Although it offers various health benefits, it also has a number of downsides when ingested unripe or in large quantities.

Some persons with hypersensitivity disorders have allergic reactions to this.

It is not easily digested by certain people, resulting in digestive issues such as abdominal pain and stomach cramps.

Due to Sulphur-like chemicals in the fruit, durian consumption when combined with alcohol can cause nausea and vomiting. As a result, it’s best to avoid eating durian and drinking alcohol at the same time if you want to be safe.

People with severe gastrointestinal problems and kidney problems should avoid eating this fruit since it might increase toxins in the body and cause diarrheic.

To avoid any health risks when eating or cooking this fruit, only utilize fresh food that shows no symptoms of damage or decomposition.

Why Does It Smell So Strongly?

The smell of fruit has divided opinion. It is loved by some and despised by others.

The odour has been characterised as a mix of sulphur, sewage, fruit, honey, and burnt and rotting onions, among other things.

A study of it’s aromatic components discovered 44 active chemicals, including ones that contribute to skunk, caramel, rotten egg, fruit, and soup seasoning odors.

Most Expensive Durian Fruit odor is so strong that it’s prohibited in many Southeast Asian hotels and public transportation systems.

Whether you smell the sweet-smelling or pungent components more significantly influences your impression of the fruit.


The Most Expensive Durian Fruit has a long list of health benefits, including improved physical fitness, mental well-being, skin texture, and hair development. It is a nutrient-dense tropical fruit with amazing medicinal properties.

Keep in mind the negative consequences of this healthy fruit and consume it in moderation. Just set – up with the durian’s unpleasant odor when cutting it open, and then savor the juicy pulpy fruit on its own or in delectable dishes.

Q- Is Durian Bad For High Blood Pressure?

A- Many people still assume that eating durian causes hypertension or high blood pressure, despite the fact that research shows that eating durian in moderate amounts has no effect on blood pressure; nonetheless, patients with hypertension should avoid eating durian in excessive amounts.

Q- Why Is Durian So Bad?

A- In short, durian stinks because many of its genes are dedicated to producing odors. Inspiring. The entire fruit system is designed to produce the odor, which is thought to entice primates such as orangutans to eat and disseminate the fruit’s seeds.

Q- Why Is Durian The King Of Fruits?

A- Due to its distinctive (big) shape and rich flavor, the durian fruit, native to Southeast Asia, is known as the “king of fruits” (although some dislike the taste). Due to its peculiar odor, durian is also recognized as the world’s stinkiest fruit.

Q- Where Does Durian Fruit Come From?

A- Durian (Durio zibethinus) is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that is prized by Asian consumers. Folates are a category of vitamins that are necessary for human health.

Q- Which Fruit Is Known As Queen Of Fruits?

A-  It was enough to give the mangosteen the title of “queen of fruits,” whether or not it was real. For a fruit that most Americans have never heard of, the mangosteen has a long and famous history.

Q- What Is Another Name For Durian Fruit?

A- Durio Zibethinus, durian tree, durian, durion.


The opinions presented in this article should not be regarded as a replacement for medical advice. For more information, please contact your treating physician.

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